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AnfangsdatumAugust 01, 2019
EndterminNovember 30, 2019

TwoGap Crypto Platform was formed to bring for Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss products. It is called CryptoBond TwoGap platform will help issuer to encrypt traditional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are circulated legal in the Crypto Market. Besides that, Twogap platform also protects investors, boost the market, extends the scale, and becomes the backbone of the Global Crypto Market’s sustainable growth).

CEO - Co-Founder / Investor Communication
COO - Co-Founder
CTO - Co-Founder, Full-stack Developer / Cyber Security Expert
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Preis1 TGT = 0,001 USDVerkauf69,300,000,000ZahlungsartETH
Soft CapN/Aharter CapN/A