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AnfangsdatumOctober 15, 2018
EndterminMarch 01, 2019
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Tag World Exchange (TWEX) is a Smart Contracts Trading Exchange platform that enables investors to invest their funds through smart contracts. The TWEX Platform addresses the main issues of the current cryptocurrency investment vehicles, such as lack of diversification, noncompliance with existing and foreseen regulation and lack of standardization. The platform solves these issues by the introduction of the Tokenized Preferred Shares (TPS). TPS are issued by all companies registered on the Exchange including TWEX and gives certain payment rights to the owner. They can also be independently traded on the Exchange.

Director, Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
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Preis0.4621 USDVerkauf400,000,000ZahlungsartETH, BTC, BCH, Fiat
Soft CapN/Aharter CapN/A