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AnfangsdatumMarch 15, 2019
EndterminJune 15, 2019
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We built a platform to book private jets instantly and more…
TapJets® is a platform that instantly connects our clients with a private jet that is ready to fly to your destination.

While existing solutions are trying to improve communication between the person needing a plane with brokers and plane operators, TapJets® makes the entire process of booking a private jet very simple (Uber simple). We have built an easy to use mobile and web technology that allows you to instantly summon a private jet, bid on empty flights, and interact directly with the plane operators.

This end-to-end technology removes the middle man, allows plane operators to effectively offer their planes that are best positioned for the time of your departure. The results are the cost-effective purchase price for the buyer, and fleet optimization for the sellers. A win-win platform that is not just an idea but a working product with real revenue from bookings.

Eugene Kesselman CEO & Founder
Founder & EVP of Operations
EVP of Sales
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Preis1.0000 USDVerkauf6,000,000ZahlungsartBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
Soft Cap1,500,000 USDharter Cap6,000,000 USD