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ICO-NamePeruCoin (PreICO)
AnfangsdatumDecember 11, 2018
EndterminFebruary 11, 2019
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PeruCoin's vision is to promote the knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian population through guided visits to a factory where they can appreciate the technicalities and operations of the mining machines in action and through conferences. We plan to achieve this by educating and increasing the awareness ofthe general Peruvian population on the benefits and safety of blockchain technology and adopting digital currencies. Ideally, we envisage driving the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru grounded in the interactions between educating the populace and interactions of blockchain technologyand assets management.

CEO Bits2u-PeruCoin System Engineer
Financial Manager Bits2u-PeruCoin Certified public accountant
Marketing manager Bits2u-PeruCoin Digital marketing specialist
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Preis1 PERU = 7 USDVerkauf1,900,000ZahlungsartN/A
Soft Cap5,000,000 USDharter Cap13,300,000 USD