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ICO-NameLarecoin (LARE)
AnfangsdatumApril 05, 2018
EndterminApril 01, 2019
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“Larecoin, an upgradable Peer to Peer token engineered on a three-layered technology, is of immense use for students, educational systems, and businesses.” The idea is for students to have the ability to pay tuition with larecoin, receive scholarships in larecoin, possibly in the future clear debts, make purchases, shop and obtain services in addition to accessing other learning resources that can help people educate themselves in general on cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency market before making investment decisions and diversifying their digital asset portfolios.

CEO and Founder
Head of Investor Relations/ Co-Founder
Partner/ Co-Founder
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Preis1 LARE = 0.56085 USDVerkauf28,000,000,000ZahlungsartETH
Soft CapN/Aharter CapN/A