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AnfangsdatumNovember 05, 2018
EndterminFebruary 05, 2019
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Blockwei is a hiring platform where blockchain meets today's hiring industry. Building a bridge between legacy and modern recruitment industry. This is a platform where users will be able to view anything and everything but without altering the data. Users can communicate with each other on the platform and schedule a meeting based on the mutual agreement over the platform itself, no need to visit companies for interviews, all the process will be done on your computer screens, wherever you feel comfortable. The documents which are shared on the platform will be backed by smart contracts which make them secure and reliable.

UX Designer
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Preis0.0000 USD Verkauf700,000,000 ZahlungsartN/A
Mindestanlage0.1 ETH VerteilungN/A AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap500 ETH harter Cap2,000 ETH