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ICO-NameBitsive Exchange
AnfangsdatumSeptember 01, 2018
EndterminFebruary 02, 2019
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How can the cryptocurrency market welcome new investors, seasoned institutional traders and hedge fund companies if it doesn’t have a secure platform with the essential tools and sophisticated algorithms to lower their risks while increasing their reward ratios? The answer is simple, Bitsive exchange. Bitsive combines the security of a decentralized exchange with the versatility of a centralized exchange and the freedom of an OTC exchange. With a sophisticated protocol we created dubbed the “Zero-Day protocol”, we mitigate the risks of an exchange hack and remove the need for third party wallet management. Funds are not deposited to the exchange which means Bitsive does not keep your cryptocurrency funds. Bitsive features a wide variety of tools with an easy to use interface. When you trade with SIV coin on Bitsive you are discounted 50%, you can choose to use any crypocurrency/Fiat to pay the fees, but it will be exchanged for SIV coins in real time at the current market rate. #sivthenoise

System Architect
Solidity Developer
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Preis1 SIV = 1.58 USDVerkauf89,000,000ZahlungsartBTC, ETH
Mindestanlage0.1 ETHVerteilung89%AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap10,000,000 USDharter Cap80,000,000 USD